Monday 11 August 2008

Dumplings Rock!

So, I did the reading at the Dumpling Cafe. It is, incidentally, on Reuter Strasse in Neukoln, and it is awesome. Vegan and veggie sweet and savoury dumplings that you could (and will) eat all day. If you're in Berlin, go. If you're in Europe, make a detour and go. You'll thank me later.
I felt kind of bad that I was reading in English. I wish my German was good enough that i could write poems in it. I tried to explain some of my poems in German, so as not to alienate people, but I think my crappy attempts were more, rather than less, confusing. Nonetheless, it went well, and I got free food and Bucks Fizz for my troubles!
I was encouraged to put more of my poems up on the blog. What I am going to do is showcase any new ones I might write up here, rather than dragging out the old stuff. I am trying to get enough decent poems together to make a good sized zine, which I'll be flogging/trading in due course.
Any poems that do go up on here, I could really use feedback on, positive and negative, so get commenting!
Off to New York in a couple of days, where I will hopefully get a chance to do more readings. being an International Woman of Mystery rocks. Almost as much as dumplings do.

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