Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Improvised Poems

We had to improvise three short poems on the radio show. One of which was so trite that I cringe to put it here. the other two weren't great, but might be worth posting

Writing Home

Dear Mum,
Don't be glum -
Life here at the Crystal Unicorn Healing Sanctuary is FUN!
But then,
You'll never see me again
Unless, of course, I can persuade you to join us -
Forever and ever and ever

Cockle Pickers

I know, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it
Keep your heads down: soon you'll all get through it.
Hey, no one said this new life would come cheap:
Ignore the cold. Wade on, towards the deep.

feel free to tear to shreds.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Spoken Word Antics (again)

My burgeoning media career(!) took another step forward today. My friend Adele and I were both asked to come on Sheffield Live's Spoken Word Antics for the regular host Robin's last show for a while. He wanted to go out with somehting a bit different and put a call out for poets to improvise some work live on the show. Adele and I were the only ones brave/stupid enough to volunteer! We came up with an interesting piece about Facebook, which was fun, and some poems on themes given to us by Robin. I felt myself somewhat outclassed by Adele, maybe because our tones are so different. Robin and I also improvised a truly egregious limerick about a Seagull! Adele, wisely, stayed out of it.
Excitingly, we came up with an idea to keep the show going after Robin flies northwards. If all goes to plan, Adele, Michelle and I may become the new hosts/producers! Stay tuned for news of my new incarnation as a DJ. You never know, Radio 4 talent scouts may be listening!
meanwhile, you can listen to the show we did at or just by googling "spoken word antics" and following the links.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


In poetry news today:
Self styled "poet" and deluded fool Sarah Thomasin has thrown caution to the winds and entered a local poetry competition. Having never actually competed before, it's understandable that she should be nervous. The idea of a panel of judges poring over your hard-written lines is daunting.
Not quite so daunting though as the idea of a panel of judges scrutinizing your performance and then publically taking it to pieces in an X-factor style elimination show, followed by an audience vote!
Oh my sweet baby jesus what have I done?
If you want to find out/watch as the humiliation commences, please come and support me at Poetstars, the Lescar, Sheffield 14th of October at 8pm £4/£3 on the door. contact me if you want more info.