Tuesday 23 September 2008

Spoken Word Antics (again)

My burgeoning media career(!) took another step forward today. My friend Adele and I were both asked to come on Sheffield Live's Spoken Word Antics for the regular host Robin's last show for a while. He wanted to go out with somehting a bit different and put a call out for poets to improvise some work live on the show. Adele and I were the only ones brave/stupid enough to volunteer! We came up with an interesting piece about Facebook, which was fun, and some poems on themes given to us by Robin. I felt myself somewhat outclassed by Adele, maybe because our tones are so different. Robin and I also improvised a truly egregious limerick about a Seagull! Adele, wisely, stayed out of it.
Excitingly, we came up with an idea to keep the show going after Robin flies northwards. If all goes to plan, Adele, Michelle and I may become the new hosts/producers! Stay tuned for news of my new incarnation as a DJ. You never know, Radio 4 talent scouts may be listening!
meanwhile, you can listen to the show we did at http://www.canstream.co.uk/sheffieldlive/index.php?cat=SpokenWordAntics or just by googling "spoken word antics" and following the links.

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