Tuesday 9 September 2008


In poetry news today:
Self styled "poet" and deluded fool Sarah Thomasin has thrown caution to the winds and entered a local poetry competition. Having never actually competed before, it's understandable that she should be nervous. The idea of a panel of judges poring over your hard-written lines is daunting.
Not quite so daunting though as the idea of a panel of judges scrutinizing your performance and then publically taking it to pieces in an X-factor style elimination show, followed by an audience vote!
Oh my sweet baby jesus what have I done?
If you want to find out/watch as the humiliation commences, please come and support me at Poetstars, the Lescar, Sheffield 14th of October at 8pm £4/£3 on the door. contact me if you want more info.


CHARLAX said...

The poetry contestant
The poetry contestant

Having lost some hope of instant fame
and realizing that the publishers are just too busy and not in need of me eye turn my eye unto the contests.
Most of them are never free but send remit to get me in and just include a 5'by5' card attachment with the paperclip. They want an actual emission some real paper and an envelope with writing on the seals. The free ones that eye find with email get my time an instant fix. A Poem previously written is just as good as one eye pen just now the first poem that eye wrote is entered in a lot of contest fairs. Please understand me it was written once as a new poem then. So as eye smurf the internet please make the email address plain to me the contest contestant add a return investment send me a postage stamp.
Eye like the DISNEY themes.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

go for it :) I'll be there in spirit - pointing and mocking of course, but it's the thought that counts :) :) fingers crossed for you!