Thursday, 31 July 2008

An actual poem!

This is a bit of a work in progress - I'm experimenting with Haiku - any suggestions welcome. It's a true story, so apologies to Cath, Rob, James and Cath's mum for stealing from their lives!

One For The Baby Book

Cath and Robin were
The first among all our friends
To have a baby.

James Martin soon had
All of us trying hard to
Be respectable.

No swearing allowed
Whenever he was awake
We struggled, but coped.

And while the boy slept
Parties managed to maintain
Quiet decorum.

Sometimes, however,
Jamesie went to Granny's house
To play on the grass

No-one knows for sure
Just what Granny might have said
Each time he fell down

Meanwhile we waited
To hear the very first word
'Our boy' would utter.

Running in the lounge,
He fell heavily and sighed.
'Bugger.' he murmured.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I made my poetry debut last night on the Antics Radio Show, a monthly spoken word show on Sheffield Live radio. If you google Spoken Word Antics you can find links to the podcast. I distinguished myself by saying 'cunnilingus' live on air. I almost kind of hope they get complaints, so that I can be notorious...

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Opening Blog

This is my official online presence as a poet, having failed to keep livejournal and myspace accounts active, I'm giving this a go.
So, welcome to my Blog. I'm Sarah, obviously. I'm a performance poet. I'll be using this blog to keep people informed of poetry gigs - which so far are restricted to the open mic variety - and other exciting news like me being on Sheffield Live Radio tomorrow. I'll be on the spoken word antics show, as an official actual poet, which is very exciting! i will also post the odd poem here and there, but not too much, because ideally I want people to come and see me perform! You'll also get random observations on the sheffield spoken word scene.
If you're reading this, there will be more - please keep checking in!