Thursday 7 August 2008

Ich habe einen Gig!

Wooo! I'm (hopefully) doing a poetry reading in Berlin! One that I've actually been booked for as opposed to turning up and putting my name on a blackboard, as I will be on the openstage :D
It's at a dumpling cafe who are having a 'Ladies' Brunch' at the end of Ladyfest Berlin, or LaDIYfest as it's known this year - they're breaking down the binary gender barriers. This is all very cool Berlin is one onf the least genderbinary places I've ever been, but that probably has to do with the company I keep when I'm here. :)
I'll be reading in English, but i may try and get another poem written especially for the occaision, and not in an Elton John desperately filking something out of the vault in time for Di's funeral way, a PROPER new poem.
No pressure...

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