Monday 4 August 2008

Berlin here we come!

The wife and I are off to Berlin in a couple of days, doing some performances at Ladyfest - i'm hoping to read on the openstage, among other things, and then coming back, only to set off again on an in law visit. Better pack, really...

I always wonder about performing in a country where English is not the first language. My German's not bad, but not good enough to freely translate rhyming poems as I go along while retaining any degree of poetic merit.
So- which is ruder, gabbling away in imperialese and hoping they keep up, or murdering what vestige of talent I may have while at the same time butchering a noble and beautiful language? Plus, the ladyfest crowd is pretty international, and while I can enjoy the stylings of Grace et Volupte Van Van - the crazy tiny lesbian rappers - without necessarily understanding a word, I feel that maybe Grace et Volupte are going to get bored pretty quickly of a poetry recital in a language they have only a passing aquaintance with. Still, I'm a complete attention whore, so I'll be up there, jabbering about vegans and chihuahuas, for the benefit of anyone who understands me!

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