Saturday 26 March 2011

Sestina Day 13: Big Bad Wolf

Day 13, even if it's not a Friday, seems an appropriate day to do a really dark poem, (which was kinda going to happen anyway with keywords from @NecroNeil - check out his awesome horror zine necronomicon)
This sestina turned out even darker than I thought, and I owe debts of inspiration to Angela Carter and Francesca Lia Block for the Red Riding Hood theme.

Big Bad Wolf

I never thought there would be so much blood.
Your face, my hands, the bedroom floor are dark
With it. I pause and look out at the woods
Outside the window. Maybe under dirt
And fallen leaves i'll hide your corpse, my love.
And then I'll wash the bloodstains from my hands.

You thought my fate lay in your pretty hands.
Because my love for you raged in my blood
Like a disease. My desperate, fevered love
Made every day away from you seem dark.
You used to look at me like I was dirt
You'd trodden in while walking in the woods.

I used to watch you walking through the woods,
Red hood pulled up, a basket in your hands,
Daintily stepping through the leaves and dirt
I'd watch you, and I'd feel that rush of blood
Course through me, crouching silent in the dark.
A mix of lust and rage and hate and love.

And so I followed you, my little love,
Until I knew your movements through the woods
To this old house you'd tiptoe through the dark.
To visit granny, kiss her wrinkled hands.
I watched you, smelt you, and it set my blood
To boiling in my veins. I'm low as dirt.

And you are pure and clean. But from this dirt
There grew the deadly roses of my love.
I longed to taste you: lick your sweat, your blood,
So I came to the cottage in the woods
And throttled the old bitch with my bare hands
And waited for your footsteps in the dark.

Your skin so pure and white, your eyes so dark,
Even your shoes were free of forest dirt,
I hardly dared to touch you with my hands
to quench my hate and consummate my love.
Nobody heard you screaming in the woods
Your hood lies on the floor, red as your blood.

I kiss your hands, and stare into the dark.
There's so much blood. I'll hide it in the dirt.
Red hooded love, I'll leave you in the woods.

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